Using Kodi


Hi Dad!

Here is a quick overview for Navigating and Searching.

You Need to Open The Kodi App, find the 'Add-Ons' section, and open one of the apps I have tested out:

  • "Q Sports"
  • "Seren"

  • I found pretty much all the sports channels in 'Q sports'. And all the TV/Movies in 'Seren'

    You can either search for the channel you want, or search for a live event directly.

    Examples and pictures:

    Open Kodi From the Home Screen


    Locate the Add-ons:

    Select 'Live Sports':

    Select 'Stream Live':

    You can select any option in this list (Except for the top one which is empty). They are all full of channels.

    Scroll Through Channels

    Stream Content:

    If you press the big circle button when the channel is playing, it will bring up the menu bar. Press the circle button again and it will exit the channel.

    I mention this because I tried pressing the HOME button instead - this causes you to exit the Kodi app, and it will show a black screen for a minute whilst it loads again.

    TV and Movies (Seren)

    Use Seren to search for TV and Movies. I had a go and could find any film or show I searched for.

    Locate the 'seren' Add-onn

    Next to Q-Sports add-on

    Search or Browse

    Do a Manual Search:

    Seems to have literally anything:

    Quick Examples:

    Navigating to Sky Golf

    Navigating to Live Premier League

    Things to Watch out for:

    Don't bother streaming 4k Content

    streaming in 4k will be really slow, so avoid anything that has "4K" in the tile.

    (4k is extremely high definition, and most people don't have 4k televisions).

    4k image


    Real-Debris is a premium program that makes everything HD basically. If you get a pop up asking to verify, then let me know or try to follow the instructions to enter the code.

    Let me know if any issues...